Back to School!

Do you have your HALL PASS?

It is that time again, when the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop.  This, of course, also means that the kids are heading back to school.   Kids can be very pricey, with an estimated lifetime cost of over $200,000 each!  School supplies over a child’s life are clearly a part of the equation.  Pencils, glue, crayons, books, paper, and the like are just the beginning.  Reports from USA Today say that the cost for these items has increased again over last year.  For a grade school student, the price for supplies is around $577 that is an 5.3% increase, but if you have a high school student, you may be looking at spending around $1,223, which is up 9.5% from 2012. Not only are prices going up, but so are the product possibilities.  Just the pencil isle alone, is hard to navigate — picking the best price to match the best style.  It’s surely enough to cause anyone an anxiety attack.  So get out early to avoid stressful situations like long lines and too many tired kids (and their parents); and keep your eyes out for the best deals, because, you have many years of this ahead of you and you know what they say… a penny saved is a penny earned!

Back To School by Jon Farmer

continuum by Fatima Azim

Erasers by Sara Knick

Crayons by Subroto Mukherjee

Squeaking chalk sticks by wijnand loven

During Class by Maitiu Armstrong

Everyone is out getting school supplies and getting geared-up for school.  Even if you don’t have kids you should get out and capture this frenzy. It’s a photographer’s smorgasbord!  If you don’t want to capture the crowd scenes and anthropological studies at Target or Wal*Mart, get out there and grab yourself some merchandise and take some great macro shots with your studio lighting at home.  When you’re all done with that, upload your images and post the links below.  There are many more great images on JPG to explore, put your favorite school items in a collection and post the link to the collection in the comment area below to share!

Cant wait to see what you have shopped for!