Bad News

Bad News by Ian Aleksander Adams

What went through your mind when you were first told that horrible news? What did you first think? Feel?

Were you young? Barely an adult when you first really became aware of the harsh reality of life?

Imagine entering a room with faces peering from the darkness on every wall, the floor, and the ceiling. You hear whispering coming from behind the portraits, all slightly bigger than a normal face, in gritty detail, every pore visible, every beautiful imperfection there in front of you.

Do you go closer, trying to sympathize with their shock or their pain, trying to make out their individual stories from the soft cacophony? Or do you exit the room, either from a desire to move on towards the better things in life or an inability to deal with the minor and major tragedies of others?

The installation, a work in progress, is intended not as something to burden people, but as a way to help us deal with the pain in our life.