Bees, Butterflies and Asters

Painted Lady butterfly and bee Abide on Asters hill-slide by Andrea Petersen

Several years ago our late friend Florence shared with us some Aster seeds from her garden …Although she passed away a few years ago, we see the Asters every Autumn. Flowers grow on the earth as a reminder of those who have gone on before us who left the seeds of friendship behind to remember them by…

When the Asters first began to bud this fall with just a few flowers…It started out slowly with only one bumblebee who came to pollinate in rainy weather, but when more flowers opened more bees and butterflies arrived ( of which we are seeing .mostly the Painted Lady species with a few Monarchs.).I thought it would be the end of the Asters when we had a heavy rainstorm with hailstones…After my husband tied the stems up and got them off the ground the Asters revived to grow stronger.