Best of August 2016

Emerging Sunflower by Mike Cable

Department stores have started to stock harvest colors and Halloween goodies.  Temperatures have dropped and leaves crackle as they blow across the ground; Summer is, sadly, is over.  While the scent of pumpkin spiced lattes swirl in the chilly air, we would like to take a moment to recapture summer’s magic and all its warmth.

This summer, the farmers’ markets were abound with the freshest produce,  which had the brightest greens, rich reds and the deepest of purples.  Sunflowers, daffodils, irises, and Gerbera daisies, exploded with color and vibrancy in the August sun. But, it wasn’t just nature that felt the joy of August days and nights; People got out with friends, family and neighbors to experience all that summer had to offer!

Here is the Best of August 2016!


Even though summer has drawn to a close, embrace the fall and all the beautiful moments waiting to be captured!  Get your Fall gear on and go outside for a fun filled day with family and friends,

Can’t wait to see your best September 2016 shots!