Best of December 2016

Pure joy! by Daniel LaBelle

It’s hard to believe that December was just a few days in the past, but officially it was so last year.  The holidays were fun.  The lights were glittery and hanging from every bough.  Children, in their excitement, laughed and sang, while precariously constructing gingerbread homes.  December was chock-full of events and did not give-in until the very last second, before the first kiss of the New Year.

We can’t get December 2016 back, but, we can look back and cherish some of the great shots that were captured.  From our view, it looks like December was captivating.  There were some beautiful images that were thought provoking and introspective.  We were treated to photos that were lively with color and B&W images that resonated with life.

So take a peek at the images below and remember how special December 2016 really was.

Time goes by so fast, but, we’re lucky that we can record it and cherish in it’s infinite beauty.  We here at JPG hope that you seize every moment in this New Year and capture life at will!

Happy New Year!!!