Best of July 2017

Tip of the Spear by Mike Melnotte

Here we are, first week in August and we are still showing scorch marks from July.  Boy, what a hot month!  Sweltering days paired with sultry nights, it was hard to be motivated to get out of the air conditioning(if you had it) to search out amazing shots!  The dog days of summer can be very exhausting, but, our JPG members found the strength and peeled themselves from their sweat drenched lazy-boys and captured some pretty hot shots (pun intended.)

Some sought shade along hiking trails and found nature bounding with color and life.  While others, stayed close to home and bared the heat on the hard concrete, shooting urban neighborhoods and city lights.  A few played it safe and stayed indoors capturing beautiful studio images.  While waiting for cooler weather, be sure to keep those amazing shots coming!

Check out some of the best shots of July 2017!