Best of May 2017

Hope by Mike Melnotte

Wow!  We are already at the halfway mark of 2017 and there is only six months until the holiday shopping season, goodness!  May was here and gone before we knew it, and maybe that’s not so bad.  Many of us might be happy that May is over.  It seemed that last month’s headlines were only filled with sad and terrifying news.  We lost Chris Cornell, a great voice in the rock scene and Sir Roger Moore of James Bond fame passed as well. Tiger Woods had a run in with the law and was arrested for a DUI, and we’re all left wondering, what will happen to his golf career now?  But then there was the awful news, the attack in Manchester New England at a Ariana Grande concert.  We’re still stunned to know that there are people out there that would willingly kill other people, but, to target kids and young adults is a truly horrific crime against humanity.  Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families.

We are reminded everyday that life is short and we can’t let fear stand in the way of living it!   Hold on to your loved ones and cherish each moment.  And remember… take your camera and explore explore explore!

Here is the Best of May 2017!


June is here and we have already seen some pretty cool images, so keep it up!  Hopefully, a new month will bring us all roses and sunshine. Remember to get out and capture all that you can.  Upload and share your amazing images.  Who knows, maybe yours will be featured in the Best of June 2017!


Can’t wait to see what you will capture!