Best of November 2016

Victoria falls by David VE

2016 is drawing to a close and, as we look to the future, we must remember the past.  November was a great month!  Friends and family gathered around tables all across America, sharing cheer and giving thanks.  However, there was much more to November this year then just getting stuffed!

This year, November had a few things up it’s sleeve.  Among these events were the U.S. presidential election; whatever side you rooted for, it was anything but civil and Trump took the prize.  Secondly, Fidel Castro died on November 26, his death was celebrated in some hearts and mourned by others.  Those are just two examples of how November surprised us and, depending on what side of the coin you were on, you either celebrated or were majorly bummed out.

Good thing we have some awesome photos to look at, which will also give us a break from the heavy stuff!  Take your time perusing the Best of November 2016 by our JPG photographers.


November was a great month, but we know it can get better!  Be sure to get out and capture your holidays, all the lights, snow, cheer and excitement.  Whereever and however you celebrate your season, let us in, share your images and perhaps your image will be selected for the Best of December 2016! 

Cheers to the Season!!