Best of October 2017

Sedona Sunset by David Curry

So long and farewell to October!  Wish those 31 days didn’t pass so quickly, we were just getting used to the Halloween jumps and bumps in the night!  November has brought ice to some parts of the country and has us hiding under our covers, retreating back to the warmth of the last night’s slumber.  It is certainly hard for some to except that winter is coming and there is nothing, except a change of address, that can stop it. Yes, this year is nearly to a close and with it comes a change in season and sparkly holiday songs.  But, lets not weep yet, for we can have one last look at October and all the amazing shots that were uploaded!

Hope you enjoy the Best of October 2017


November is nine days in and there are plenty of opportunities to be featured!  Speaking of opportunities, we have some amazing photo contests to enter too!  Like Orange HarvestAdventure and many more!  So don’t miss out on winning some cold hard cash and amazing prizes from Think Tank, Mindshift Gear, Bay Photo and Printed Art


Can’t wait to see what you upload this month!!!