Best of September 2015

Game Of Thrones by Zapata Juan P

September may be over… but Fall is in full swing; leaves are golden and the air is cool.  Fall has brought plenty of piles of leaves to pounce on and puddles to slosh in.  For some, a perfect day can be found in a double-tall pumpkin latte, while for others, it is a quiet moment under a blanket reading a good book, as rain splashes against the window pane.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy Fall and you’re in luck because it’s not over yet.  But, make sure you take a moment to rediscover the many sights and sounds of JPG in September in the Best of September 2015 Gallery below!



September imagest were pretty amazing!  We hope that you have created collections of your monthly favorites too!  It is always fun to share and enjoy each other’s work!  Speaking of sharing — October has only just begun, but will be over before we know it.  So make sure you get out and capture your view of October and upload to share with everyone here at JPG!

October is bound to scare up some images!