Best of September 2016

Kirkufell by Robert Schöller

As leaves of gold, and pumpkins, align the streets, we know that September has passed, but it came and went too fast this time.  August, and the summertime, is already a distant memory that still lingers, while September blew by with the chilly gusts of autumn wind, so fast it was hard to catch our breath.  Although we have moved on to October, the month of September made its mark on us, with the proof etched by the amazing JPG images below.

Golden trees in the early morning light glow.  The sun rises and mountains become misty.  Clouds settle into the valleys.  September left us alone in the rain, soggy, but with a smile on our faces as we danced through her early morning puddles.  September 2016 what an amazing month it was!

Check out these AWESOME JPG September shots!



October is here!  This is the month of Halloween, Oktoberfest, and Apple Festivals.  There are so many amazing days ahead to get out and enjoy family and friends, along with great photographic opportunities.  So make these days count and capture every bit of it!  Don’t forget to upload all your best shots to share with the JPG community.

Cant wait to see all the fun of your October!