Best of February

Short Month, Filled With Amazing Captures!

The month of February is full of a lot of great days; Valentines Day, Ground Hogs Day, President’s day, International World Thinking day.  February is also a very important month in celebration of Black History. 

With everything that goes on in the month of February it would have been hard not to capture something fantastic, and these JPG images are some of the best of what February bought us!

Faces in Rome XXXII by Juri Vissak

the most improtant thing in my life by Chuck Eaton

Phil by Victor Ursabia

Reflections by mad paule

a dreamer by marco mantoani

Lonely Is An Eyesore II by mark yugawa

Little Earning by Zeeshan Ali

Bishwa Ijtema 2014 by khaled sattar

Cow Race 1 by Kevin Fairley

Mujer De Rakai by Plano Focal

“Pelican Portrait” by Kenneth Fasnacht

Untitled by Paul Labbe

sky by Chris Ryser

Untitled by Jeff

Turtle by Hengki Koentjoro

Tell us what you think of February’s best images!  If you shot something and have not uploaded it yet, March is note quite half over, so upload and share your images.  If you’ve found some of your favorite image(s) from February while browsing through jPG, start a collection and then paste the link to it in the comment area below.

We love our community of JPG photographers and can’t wait to see what is yet to come in MARCH!