Best of January

What do YOU think of what we found?

January came and went in a blink of an eye, but we wanted to share with you some of the best images that our amazing members treated us to during the first month of the year.  

January is a month of new beginnings, resolutions and motivation and the following images show us exactly that!  From skyscrapers to wildlife to beach-side coves, these images showcase amazing light, shadow, and texture.  Along with all the technical components of a great shot, the colors are vivid and the black and whites are balanced and rich in tones. 

So take a look at these amazing shots taken by your fellow JPGer’s as they greet this new year!

Untitled by Michael Veith

Number 3 by Marion Volant

Untitled by Phillip Damiano

Malebolge by amanda paredes

in search of peace by Massimo Morgante

Consentement by Christine Lebrasseur

Bike slush in NYC by Mark Bennett

On The Phone by Andrew Dutton

The Soft Focus of My Affection by Mike Melnotte

A New Margot Tebembaum by MindTheStep

Reach out by Ekaterina Bourindin

Stilt Fisherman in Sri Lanka by Andrew Bulatowicz

Kirby Cove Cascades by Matt Granz

Masquerade by KassiJo Wyatt

She by Claudia Gonzalez

Another working day by Veselin Malinov

Take a moment and congratulate these photographers on a job well done… drop them a note or connect with them through the site.  Also, tell us what you think about the selections and your favorites. You can also start your own collection of your favorite January shots and share them with all of us by pasting a link in the comment area below… or maybe just pick one of your favorites that you shot and upload it to you JPG account to share!

February is almost at an end and we can’t to see more amazing shots!