My Digital Pencil by Franz Malalis

2017- Aww, what a year!  There were so many haunting, sad, terrifying moments that took place last year, but there were some pretty amazing moments too.  Last year we experienced horrible natural disasters like Harvey, Irma, Maria, and earthquakes that collapsed cities, leaving effected areas that might not ever be the same again.  The fire season in the western United States was one of the worst in many years; thousands of structures, millions of acres burned to the ground and many people lost their lives.  Natural disasters were not the only killers last year, but terror found its way into concerts and city streets by way of mass shootings and the backing of ISIS.  Many found it safer to stay at home, while others chose to continue to brave the world and live their lives the best they could.  And live we did!  Many participated at rallies and protests.  The Women’s March was one of the biggest single day marches in history.   Women definitely raised their voices in unison, alongside some men and transgender individuals, calling out sexual harassment and abuse with #metoo.

Depending on your political affiliation, the election of the 45th president may be a crime against humanity or the best victory that America has won in a long time, but we’ll leave this one alone.  Although much of last year was filled with acts of violence and truly sad and devastating things, it seems hard to appreciate or even remember all the amazing and wonderful moments that happened in 2017.  People came together to help one another through the natural disasters and the violence, showing true bravery and selflessness. You can’t say your heart didn’t melt upon hearing of Southwest Airlines flying puppies to safety after hurricane Harvey.  There were so many beautiful acts of kindness in 2017 and we wish for even more this year!

Thank goodness for all the amazing photographers that were on the front lines capturing every single second that last year dealt or gifted us.  We too, here at JPG, have been pretty lucky to have such a great photo community and we are honored to share our best images of 2017!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!