Candy Hearts

love of candy by James Lewis

Remember when you were a kid and Valentines Day was so exciting?  From all the cards and treats, to transforming an empty shoe box into a glittery masterpiece to put them in. As a child, February 14th was an amazing day to let your friends know how much you cared.

Candy hearts, flowers, and I love you’s are not just in the dreams of teens, but, in grownups too.  Love notes, blooms and rom-coms are just what cupid ordered.  So grab your sweetheart and show them some LOVE this Valentines Day!

Check out the hearts of JPG and fall in love!


There are over 200 Million flowers sold on V-Day and countless morsels of chocolaty goodness being gobbled up.  So this Valentines Day capture all the hearts out there and share with us the sweetness of your day!

Roses are red, violets are blue…. go grab a camera and see what you can do!