Chasing Waterfalls

Yosemite Falls by Gary Funk

There are many beautiful natural places and things to see in this world, among them, the waterfall.  It seems people are drawn to water, falling from cliffs or dropping in short bursts among a river’s edge.  Whether it’s on a local hike or while traveling to an exotic location, many will trek miles to get a pristine view of a majestic waterfall.  There is nothing quite like standing at the base of a waterfall, with the spray in your face and the deafening roar in your ears.  Standing there perplexed, staring at the falls wondering how much water is plummeting over the cliffs into the river’s bed at your feet.  It is hard not to dive in to take a swim in the cool fresh waters.  Now, there are many falls where standing too close could be dangerous to your health, literally.  Many waterfalls are so engorged that anything and everything gets swept away if it should venture too close.  But then there are those falls that people have to ascend to get a closer look, and before they know it, their climb has brought them to the edge of no return where they are met with a horrible fate.

We are falling for these JPG waterfalls.  Take a look, but, don’t get to close to the edge!


Who wants to go on a hike?  Count us in!  Take your camera out on a local hike or if you’re traveling somewhere mystical, seek out a waterfall.  Trying to find a waterfall can be an adventure in itself and when you get there you’re rewarded with amazing and majestic natural beauty.  Hey, don’t forget to keep us in mind while you’re trekking along!  Capture your hike and the falls to upload and share with everyone here.  Is it too cold, or are you experiencing a really bad drought and don’t want to leave the house?  We don’t blame you!  There’s lots of waterfall exploring to be had right here @ JPG!  Just trek through the millions of images on the site and create your own collection of pristine waterfalls to share!


Can’t wait to fall for your images!