Community Critique

Like A Barbie by Chandra Sugiharto

What makes a great photograph?  Is it that new top-of-the-line camera that takes crisp pictures, or is it the subject matter that is in front of the lens?  Both of these things are important while taking a shot, but it’s not entirely a deal-breaker if you’re working with a hand-me-down camera, or even your phone.  The subject matter, well, it’s more about the light, shadows and angles.  To be a great photographer, it’s all about learning, evolving and diving into your passion!  Take critiques positively… Even if your image is torn apart by others, take those comments as a learning tool to help improve your artistic eye and your technical abilities.

It’s easier than ever to discover or find a new approach for your photography and skill level.  One fun and amazing way to up the ante on your photography skills is to check out Creative Live.   Creative Live is a site that has online courses covering many topics, one of which is photography.  The classes are taught by top notch instructors and are chock-full of useful tools and tricks to improve your photography.  This site will inspire and can help develop your photographic eye!

So, as a community, we asked members to give helpful criticism on images that were submitted to the Community Critique theme and what we found was an amazing outpouring of support for fellow JPG members.  This support is what makes and drives JPG, also it encourages photographers of all skill levels to enjoy their passion that much more.  

The Community Critique photo theme has been running quite along time and has collected a lot of great images!  So we thought it would be pretty cool to see some of the best in a gallery.  So enjoy the images below and remember to give your fellow photographers a like or a comment on the shots you adore!


Like what you see?  Then don’t forget to tell the photographer!  Photography can be  awe-inspiring and we are all here to learn and provoke excitement for the love of photography!


Do you have a photo you’d like the JPG community to critique?  We’ve initiated a brand new Community Critique 2016 Challenge just for you!

Capturing a visions and pursuing happiness!