Concrete Jungle

Claustrophobic by Frank Yuwono

The air is clear, but dense with the noise of traffic and the shuffle of footsteps on the cracked, littered street.  The wind bites and whips around corners of buildings howling though the busy day.  There are millions of people walking or traveling around on city streets everyday, but it is easy to feel completely and utterly alone, while at the same time, surrounded.  Have you ever heard that “it’s a small world?”  But, do you really feel that it’s a “small world” when you’re walking among concrete giants? Skyscrapers are such massive structures that they should be revered as an architectural achievement by mankind.  From above, these buildings look like they form a huge maze, filled with teeny-tiny beings running aimlessly around.

Photographing these amazing structures can undoubtedly cause neck strain and possible gaping mouth syndrome, but here are some tips that may help you the next time you’re out capturing the “Concrete Jungle.”  First, figure out what type of lens you want to use, this will certainly effect the way the building looks, but also the overall feeling of the shot.  Say, for instance, a fish-eye lens is used, this will create a distorted view of the buildings, possibly even creating a more overwhelming image for the viewer.  Also, it is crucial to pay attention to the amount and the direction of light, this can effect your exposure very easily and produce more or less contrast shadows in the image.  Another great tip is to figure out the perspective of your shot.  Do you want to show scale in your image or do you want to get up super close and try to capture the immense height of the structure?  Remember, when photographing really tall buildings there will be distortion, but, experimenting with shots and framing is always fun.

Check out these amazing heights in our JPG Concrete Jungle!


Our mouths are still gaping open!  Now it is your turn to get out and capture your city!  Get up close or back up for perspective, but let’s see your creativity shine among the city lights!  If you live in a rural area and are not going to be traveling to a city in the near future, start your very own Concrete Jungle collection of our favorite towering structure shots!  If you have a “jungle” of your own submit it here.

Let’s see if you can make our jaws drop!!!