Fun with Feathers

Flying, Fashion and Fetish!

Feather’s have many functions. First, and most obvious, a feather provides a bird’s protection from the elements of weather, and supports its ability to fly and warmth.  But, through time, humans have found new uses and practices for the feather.  Native Americans have also long used the feather, often signifying great honor, strength and wisdom when it is bestowed on a fellow tribesman.  Also, when people started putting ink to paper they used the ink-dipped quill, which, was long ago fashioned from a feather. 

More recently, people have found many functions for the feather.  From uses in bedding, costume creation, fashion and to enliven fetish practices.  From showgirls to pillow fights here are some fun examples of feathers from our JPG community.

Fake snow. by Tom Leishman

She loves those feathers by Han Ermens

Animalistic by Rebecca Handler

Untitled by Haley Birt 

Feathers by Katarina Silva

you gotta be kind to yourself by kimmika

3 in a row -BW by Arwa AlAslai

Feathers by Nicola Constantine

Indian by Robert Kothe 

Crowlayer by boland rotor

As you can see feathers can be FUN!  If you have any feathered fun you would like to share please upload to the site and post a link to your images in the comment area below.  If you want to go on the hunt throughout the millions of images on the site, set out to build a JPG collection of feathers.  After you find them, share with the rest of us, by posting the collection’s link! 

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