Invisible Eyes are Watching You

Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus by Mary C Legg

Somewhere they are there, watching you, hidden in the reeds, in the grasses, in the underbrush, silently watching you.

You can’t see them, but they know by your leaden footprints and heavy breathing that some monster with a giant eye is lurking nearby and they are watching you.

Even before they can fly, before they have wings; when their bodies are transparent straws, they have eyes.

Although we do not see them, they see us, When we are oblivious, they know our presence.

So no matter where you are, when you have a macro lens, somebody is watching you whether hidden in a pond, reeds or grass– somebody is there aware of your clumsy tread; but if you are very very still you may find them and see them eye-to-eye clinging to a blade of grass, hiding behind a small twig or hidden beneath a wet leaf.

Clap your hands and like fairies, they vanish into thin air.