It’s All in the Details

Thunderbird Dash by Allen Freeman

I was passing by a car show in progress and even though I was in a hurry to run some errands that day, I couldn’t resist getting some photos of it. First of all, I have been taking my camera with me everywhere I go lately. I have a small pocket size camera but I started thinking, what if I was to see something really good- I’d want my better camera. So even though it’s a big DSLR, I’ve been keeping it by my side. It paid off when I saw the car show. I quickly parked and walked over to it. The crowd was busy as the event organizers were giving out trophies. This gave me time to shoot without having to talk to the owners, which is great, but not when you are in a hurry.

I decided to try and get in close and look at the geometry, the lettering on the sides, the dashboards this time. Many people shoot the car as it is, in full view. Sure, I got a few of those but what I really found interesting were the reflections on the fenders, hoods and the details of the grill and headlights. Sometimes they even look like angry (or strange) faces in the front.

Good thing I was rushing around as after I’d walked through most of the rows of cars, shooting what I found interesting, the show was over. People were getting in their cars and starting to leave. I got a few more shots as they were driving by me and even shot one lady with her 3rd place trophy.

If you think you don’t have time to stop and shoot something, you may be surprised at how quickly you can take some photos and get going on your way. Don’t forget to look closer and shoot the details.

I got back in my car, looked at my watch. I had been at the show only 15 minutes.