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GoPro exits drone market, cuts over 250 jobs, and drops price of Hero6 Black by $100

GoPro – Oh No!

There have been a lot of media reports out recently regarding GoPro’s job cuts of around 200-300 people in their aerial sector.  Among news of their dwindling sales and reduced price for their Hero6 Black.  Many believe this is due to cheaper alternative cameras that are now being made by other companies, but one thing is for sure, they will no longer produce drones



Best of 2017: Top 21 Food Art Masterpieces of the Year

Tantalizing our taste buds!


Food re-imagined and photographed for all to drool over.  This gallery of food photography is a perfect display of time, patience and imagination.  Colorful sweets to laser cut sushi rolls, will have you craving a special treat today.  You deserve it!

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What Kind of Portrait Tracks Can You Expect at WPPI 2018, You Ask?

We’re counting down!

Only 21 more days to WPPI 2018 conference in Las Vegas!  There are so many classes to sit in on and exhibits to see, which one’s will be at the top of your list?  Rangefinder has put together a nice list of new “educational tracks” in portrait photography.




Mountain Gorillas at Home

No time to monkey around!

There have been a lot of conservationist efforts on behalf of the mountain gorilla, this type of gorilla resides in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Mountain gorillas are put in danger by farming practices, poaching and war.  Their population since the 1980’s has risen by about 626 to a grand total of around 880.  This number seems to be slow in increase but a positive one.

LMspencer / Shutterstock
LMspencer / Shutterstock



NASA’s $1 billion Jupiter probe has taken mind-bending new photos of the gas giant

Out of this world photography!

It has been since 2011 that Juno was launched into space for it’s 5 year journey to Jupiter.  Scientists have long been trying to “make sense of the gas giant’s swirling mess of polar cloud formations.”  Juno’s orbit is 53.5 days and captures new images each time.  These images NASA captured will have you swooning to the moon and back.

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