July 2019

Remember a life - 02 by Giampaolo Lolli

Every month we select the best images that were uploaded to JPGMAG.  But, what makes a great image, as we all know art can be quite objective.  We are always looking for images that have great use of light.  Where would we be without light…in the dark that’s where.  I am not quite sure where I heard it, but I was once told that if you understood lighting in a photograph, that’s when you could call yourself a photographer.  Another, component to a great image is composition.  How well do the viewer’s eyes move throughout the image, did the photographer use the “rule of thirds” well?  Sometimes, however, all rules can be broken in a photograph and it still speaks magic.

These were the images from July 2019 that spoke the most magic to us.  Enjoy!