Lands End

Cliff House Restaurant by the Sutro Bath Ruins (See Lands End Photo Essay by Andrew Dutton

The Lands End Park area and hiking trail are one of my favorite locations to shoot in the San Francisco area. Along the trail that starts near Ocean Beach and the Cliff House Restaurant are many scenic locations. There are the old Sutro Baths Ruins, giant cargo ships sailing by, beautiful beaches like the Mile Rock Beach a lookout point with beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and much more.

It’s called Lands End because it is where the land ends and the Pacific Ocean begins, and obliviously, it is where the ocean ends and land begins as the many shipwrecks along this stretch of coastal waters can attest to. At low tide, several of the old shipwrecks can still be seen.

Here are some shots from an unplanned visit to Lands End yesterday. I plan to go back when there is a very low tide during daylight hours to try to get some shots of the old shipwrecks.