Life in a Ghost town

Untitled by Rohan Juierie

Dhanushkodi is a small fishing village situated near the India-Sri Lankan border surrounded by Indian Ocean from south-east to south-west and Bay of Bengal to the west. What used to be a thriving port town with 25000 inhabitants was overnight reduced to nothing by the cyclone in 1964. The whole town was washed away into the sea. The studies showed that the area was still under constant threat. As a result, the state government declared this a ghost town and unfit to live.

Despite the danger, some of the original inhabitants slowly started living here in temporary huts. Over the decades, the abandoned ghost town has begun pulsating with life with a population of no more than 500 people.

The people here live in complete simplicity in thatched huts no bigger than the waves you encounter in Dhanushkodi. The community awakens at 3 A.M. Their main occupation is fishing. The fishermen set out to the sea even before sunrise. After their return, women and children help the men with their catch. Each family pitches in help for the neighboring families in the spirit of the community and survival without considering profits.