Life Trans-gendered

No One Knows by Lex Newman

I am an androgynous/transgender person. This means that I associate with the gender that is the opposite or different from my biological sex and that I often think of myself as genderless. I have felt this way for more years than I was fully aware, and I am only now really coming to terms with it.

I have always been a different sort of person, but it wasn’t until I was about sixteen or seventeen that I realized that I didn’t identify with my biological gender. I began to dress in a manner not connotative to either gender, and I started to act a little bit more like my opposite gender. People accepted that, and so it was okay. But I am afraid that if I tell them that I am not just a person who acts a bit like the opposite gender, but that I am transgender, that they will not accept that.

No one knows exactly what causes gender dysphoria (the medical term for being transgender), but I know that it doesn’t matter exactly what causes it. What matters is that people like me feel safe and accepted in society, and I hope we can work toward that. I hope that someday in the near future I can reveal myself and feel safe about it. I hope that I can transition fully into the life that I want to live.