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Not Everyone is Filled with Love This Time of Year...

Love is everywhere, dipped in chocolate, wrapped in a red or pink bow; Valentine’s Day is here again.  As a kid, Valentine’s Day was bursting with excitement, exchanging cards, candy and possibly learning about a secret admirer.  Some of us, as we age, retain the joy for the day of love, hanging hearts, baking and celebrating the love in in our lives. 

Others may have lonely, broken, or cynical hearts… hearts that hate Valentine’s Day.  Lonely hearts just have not found the elusive “one” yet, while the cynical heart views Valentine’s Day as a nothing more than a cash cow for florists and corporations that sell cards and candy.  But it’s the broken hearts that Valentine’s Day is the hardest on.  For a broken heart Valentine’s Day ramps up the love, flashing its spectacle everywhere, making the heartache that much more unbearable. 

Our prolific JPG members have chronicled broken hearts in amazing captures over the years. Check these broken hearts by JPG photographers.

Heart Broken by Thomas Traylor

Broken hearted, Brother. by Sarah Lee

A Tale Of The Broken Heart Robot by Craig Anthony Perkins

Dreaming With a Broken Heart by Olivia Luz

Heartache by Bonnie Burton

I hate you by Ashley Henderson

Crushed by S J Carter

Now it is your turn to show the less festive side of Valentine’s Day.  Upload and post your images to share.  If you’re killing some hours waiting for the lovers to end their soiree, take some time to peruse through and find more exceptionally shot sad or longing photos, start a collection, and post a link in the comment area to share.

Remember that St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and you can wash all that icky love stuff down with a nice cold glass of green beer in just over a month!

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