Marveling in Wonder

The Explorer by Philippe Put

Wonder… has it been lost?  Can wonder only be found in children?  The glint of surprise and awe in child’s eyes is magic.  As for adults, there seems to be a time along our journey that we emerge jaded and everything around us becomes lack luster.  Day to day events come and pass without resistance and we move along not expecting anything to change; unless we are out on holiday and  things are, somehow, different, and only then do we pause to take notice at how amazing the world truly is.

At one time or another, an adult has been pestered by a child’s inquisitive barrage… you know, the “why” and “what” phase, a time that seems like it will never end.  But, as an adult, it’s hard to remember that this world is still shiny and new to a child and, unlike the old, their eyes are wide open and their minds are alight with amazement.  It is pretty cool to witness a child see or learn something new, even if they do not verbalize it, their reaction is undeniably remarkable.

Photography though… well it is pretty darn amazing.  Not only can we see things from another person’s perspective but the world can, once again, become new.  When looking through images, we at JPG often catch ourselves in awe, and marvel in the world anew…

Check out these little JPG cuties as they marvel in their own world.

Now it’s  your turn to capture the world so all of us here at JPG can marvel as we view it through your eyes.  If you see onlookers perplexed by, or in awe of, their surroundings, capture them!  If you see more images throughout JPG that are WONDERING images, make a collection and share!

 Can’t wait to see your marvelous images!