Meet the Door Collector

hole in the wall by Liberty Kifer

I have a fascination with doorways. They speak so eloquently about the house they stand guard over, the people who pass through them….and yet they leave so much mystery deliciously unattainable. For me, that mystery is best left unsolved. I prefer to dwell on the possibilities, let my imagination run wild. I am utterly bored by a perfect, well-kept house; I want to see CHARACTER, I want to see HISTORY, humor, tragedy, fear, joy… other words I want to be able to take a PORTRAIT of a place, not a still life or “architectural detail.”

I call these door images “My collection” and I collect them the way someone else might collect vintage toys or hard rock cafe t-shirts. It’s an irrational love, but it brings me joy to look at “my” doors, to wonder what other treasures I might find to add to my collection……and now, to share them with you.

I encourage you to start your own collection…..Not a series, not something you plan to market and sell, but just something that makes you happy. Maybe it’s doors, probably it isn’t……but whatever it is, go out and start collecting. You’ll be happy you did.