Unnatural Selection

Color Me Amazed!

Choices are everywhere… just waiting to be made.  These selections shape our lives and bring meaning.  Just like in life, the choices that we make with our photography can make or break the image.  There are many different decisions a photographer makes with an image to enhance the subject.  A decision like “selective color” is a great way to showcase an element in the photo that may have more significance or give the subject a more stylized effect.

Still Classy by Taylor Holloran

Charger 4 by kevin barrett

Selective Color Damselfly by Stephen Cotterell

Love is everywhere…. by jose gonzalez


Painted Raindrops by Todd Cliff

a d v e n t by Mike Yang

Strawberry Spine by Cathy Kat

13 by Deborah Downes

Someone can not lose…. by Laszlo Liptak

Life’s Wall…. by Shirley Kleppe

The Color Purple by Marlo Horne

Enter by Kate Jackson

The “selected” few JPG shots show just how powerful the impact of “selective color” can be in an image.  If you have spotted more JPG shots that you would like to share, post the link below in comments or make a collection and share the link to that collection.  Also if you would like to try your hand at “selective coloring”, upload or edit one of your existing images or use our photo editing software to achieve your desired look.  And if you would like to share your final shot or would like to share your knowledge of experimenting with the style of “selective coloring” please leave a comment below with links to your image or to useful tutorial sites.

Now the hardest part is choosing what color(s) and where!