Photo Challenge: Paper Products

Photo Challenge: Paper Products

This Photo Challenge was all about Paper Products.  Newspaper, toilet
paper, tissue paper, notebook….well you get the idea; so there are
many types of paper.  Even simple
shots with great lighting and dense shadows can have astonishing effects
on the subject matter.

Publicity by jaume morera guixa

Untitled by Isabel

Read to Me Words of the Past by Kelly Nichols

Puzzle Pieces by Courtney Harper

It’s all in my composition…………….book. by Donna Mullins

Paper art by Ioana Caravan

Green freshness by Roberto Papa

Paper Sail by Artur Bednarz

Enjoy & Thank you by Jing Zhou

Cardboard recycling by Drew Makepeace

Bad Dog by David Salpeter

Paper Shoes by Susan B. Griffith