Photo Challenge: Wilt

To capture life and vigor is a very beautiful thing, but, when the
energy is gone there is till beauty. This challenge is to find the
beauty in subjects that may have less vitality then they once may have had.

December Flower by Ed Krupa

spring showers by Jt Loh

Wilting beauty by Rebecca Wickenheiser

Winter Hibiscus by Kristina Krause

Untitled by brooke g

Things are looking down… by melissa me!

So It’s Goodbye to Love by Laurie Search

wilting blues by Lisandra Gal

Bowing Out Gracefully by Julie Falk

Udipur, India. 2012 by nema’ etebar

Cold Store by Richard Seah

Untitled by Aaron Morgan

Finished II by Arie Koelewyn

Not All That I Once Was by Mike Melnotte

Warhol epiphany by Jason Platt