Pretty Frills

Laced by Danielle Herzog

Ruffle. Ruffle. Ruffle. A word that when said too many times sounds a bit odd or just plain silly.  However, a ruffle, when you’re talking fashion, is anything but silly. Ruffles are like a reverie of romance or, replete with nostalgia, made for twirling on the dance floor. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin, and Zac Posen, to name but a few, have used delicate to bold ruffles in many of their collections.  This gathered fabric is delicately placed with intention on a garment to create either a pretty frill, a playful bounce or even a striking bold statement.  Many times, if the ruffle is just right, there is no need to incorporate jewelry or other distracting elements to an outfit.

Check out these frills captured by our amazing JPG photographers!


So have you seen any good ruffles lately?  It’s your turn to get up close and take a couple of shots of some pretty frills or bold folds.  Upload and share, or even start a collection of your own that showcases your favorite use of ruffles!

We just love all the frills in life!