Water Park Day by Fernando Cortez

Hot, thick air, sizzling black top, blistering cement and pores bubbling with sweat; we can say it is summer alright!  The days are long and the sun seems to be hotter than ever. With record setting temperatures causing is to lose our cool, it’s about time to make a splash!  A water park, river or even the back yard garden hose is the perfect way to get soaked and cooled off.

Get out your camera and waterproofing gear, because it is time to have fun!  Whether you’re up-close to the action, toting a GoPro or hanging back with your phone camera, there is no one ‘best’ way to capture a splash shot.

Check out these cool splash JPG images!


Summer is a very fun time of the year, but, sometimes it gets a little too hot to bear.  Don’t let sleepless sweaty nights get you down, make sure you have a little fun during the day by making a splash!  There are a lot more wet and wild shots, so start a collection of your own to share with all of us!

We want to see you make a splash!