Take a Little Peek

Nymph by Haley Birt

Do you remember what it was like to play hide and go seek as a child?  Finding the right hiding spots took a lot of thinking, whether it was behind a bush or inside a dark cramped closet, choosing that place was hard, all the while trying to silence that strained giggle.  However, being the one to count to 10 or 100, excited and antsy with anticipation, it was not a small task to keep your eyes shut and not peek occasionally though open fingers.  Are you ready?  Because here I come!

Playing “hide and go seek” with the camera is fun too!  Covering our face from the camera creates a barrier so the viewer cannot see the subject’s eyes, this creates a story.  The onlooker may find it troubling, or perhaps cause them to imagine what could be on the other side?  Is the subject’s eyes open, are they crying or laughing, could the face belong to a man or a women.  A peeking subject also creates and emotional response from the audience.  Eye contact is powerful in photography, it can captivate and pull the viewer in and it creates a one of a kind moment for the viewer.  A peering eye may catch the audience of balance, producing a voyeuristic sensation which may be uncomfortable for some. In this elusive game though, taking a peek may be the only way to win.

It’s not the time to cover eyes!  Take a peek at these great JPG images!

Wanna’ play?  Lets bring this childhood game back to life, what do you say?  Time to get out your camera for some good ole’ fun, whether your hiding, seeking or even peeking, we want to see what you capture.  Don’t forget to upload and share all your laughs and amazing hiding spots!  If this seems a bit too childish you can always seek out your favorite JPG “hide and go seek” images and put them in a collection that you can find again.

Don’t hide out for too long, we want to find you!