The Sight of Spring

Tulips Flooded by jodi tripp

The arrival of spring, or the moment of spring, can be different for many people.  For some, spring’s arrival is determined when everything has melted and the breeze has begun to warm.  Others might associate springtime with “Spring Break” and globe trotting to hot, exotic locations.  While a “break” can be pretty amazing, even the smallest signs of spring are really quite beautiful.  Among the most noticeable signs of spring are the invigorating presence of newly blooming flowers.  Long green stems rise up from the cold damp earth, reaching for the warmth of the sun.  This is spring.  New visions of rich colors and deep tones, coupled with the sweet delicate smells of new blooms.  This is spring.

One of the most colorful and recognizable new spring blooms is the Tulip.  Tulips have been grown for about 500 years and most of them are cultivated in Holland.  They are known to be the 3rd most popular flower in the world.  The Tulip comes in an abundance of colors, which you can see by the images that follow, and if you plant different types of tulips you will enjoy many colorful blooms throughout the summer.

Check out these amazing tulips captured by JPG photographers.


Have you seen spring blooming yet?  Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss spring when it does arrive!  Did we missed any amazing blooms?  If we did, start your own tulip collection to share with all of us here at JPG!  But don’t let that be all, get out and smell the soft fragrance for yourself and capture all the colors too!  Make sure you upload and share your colorful shots.

Spring is coming soon!