Unwanted weed

large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae by Saroj Swain

Invasive species, including weeds, animal pests and diseases, represent the biggest threat to our biodiversity after habitat loss. Weed invasions change the natural diversity and balance of ecological communities.

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow along with plants which consume the soil natural nutrients and minerals which are meant for useful plants and thus prevents plant to grow.

Now the question comes how to overcome the situation. The application of a chemical (herbicide) to weeds or soil to control the germination or growth of the weed species is possible. For which the chemical control of weeds is a very large industry and there are many chemical weed control products. But don’t you think the application of poisonous herbicides will harm our nature? Then the question arises can we control biologically? This allows thinking note for scientists, technocrats, and policymakers to find out an effective way to control such unwanted weeds for the betterment of mankind.

Here are a few pictures of unwanted weeds and honestly thinking about the control measures. Thanking you JPG and my innumerable JPG friends!!