Quiet Moments of Spring


With the awakening of spring comes mother nature’s new vitality.  Everyone knows the saying that “April showers bring May flowers.”  Of course, that sound of spring rain is very relaxing, almost renewing your soul.  By the same token, each spring dawn that brings with it that familiar damp freshness of the morning dew seems to almost renew and quench the landscape.  If you venture outside of your cozy domain just as the sun peeks above the horizon to dry all the droplets of morning dew or last night’s quenching spring shower, you enter a colorful and vibrant landscape… teeming with life.  Both the dew drop and rain drop offer excellent macro opportunities – the chance to capture a life almost surreal and magical in your lense.

While some of these JPG shots may have been studio controlled, they all look  refreshing, alive and full of wonder. 

circus by carolina hernandez

Droplet by Julia Leiby

Stalking the Wild Dewdrop by Claire Crocker

Droplet by Carole Jeffery

Uphill March by Mark Goff

pink flowers by Wyoming S.

Water droplets by timothy wombold

The Pearl by Laurie Search

Like some magical land where pixies and fairies might scurry unabated by the worries or stresses that plague mere mortals, these damp macros offer a glimpse into wonder.

Before spring eludes you, get out and enjoy it’s refreshing moments.  While these macros are meant to inspire, don’t limit yourself to just this form.  Capture yoru spring moments and upload your image(s) to the site.  Alternatively, tiptoe through the millions of images already submitted by the amazing JPG contributors and start a collection of macros or other magical spring moments. 

Whether you upload great new shots to share or gather an amazing collection of what you find and appreciate that has already been shared by other JPG users, post the links below in the comment area.

I can’t wait to see what you share!

Don’t forget to DANCE in that rain!!!