Water: A Daily Form of Art

abyss by Niki Watson

Photo from my extensive water drop project. Most high speed photography is shot using technologically advanced, expensive tools but, with patience and exploration, it can be achieved at a priceless nature. I set up a plastic table from my darkroom and placed a clear baking pan beneath, using different quantities of water for each shoot to obtain different heights and depths of the splashes. For the color, I experimented with a number of variables. For this image I used two different colored gels (one behind the pan and one above). I focused where the drop with the lights on with a pen and then shot a number of images in the dark, using an external flash which was pointed at the gel behind the drop (therefor it reflects that color and the color above to the water below). It takes a lot of trial and error but, with persistence, you can get some amazing shots of everyday aspects of life that go unnoticed by many, like a drop of water.