When a Door Closes…

The Door by Akhilesh Sharma

When a door closes… another will soon open, or that is what they say…anyhow.   Doors have long been a symbol of a threshold to a different world, maybe even a new world.  Stepping through or opening a door could symbolize the end or the beginning of something new in life, like the loss of a job or having a baby.  While doors metaphorically are fun to contemplate, they actually can be pretty cool to look at.  Doors come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors and they contain different knobs and knockers.  Standing outside of a really cool closed door it is really hard not to imagine what could be on the other side.  This is especially true if it is an old decaying door that looks to be straight out of a horror film.  One could ponder that terrible spirits may lay just beyond the threshold.

Take a look at these amazing JPG door shots and take a guess at what might be behind them!


Now it is your turn to walk through that door…. and take a picture!  Doors are EVERYWHERE!  So it is pretty darn easy to get out or stay in and capture and upload things like hinges, knobs, knockers, thresholds and, well, every part of a door.  You can even start a collection of your favorite doors to share!


Show us yours!