All Wrapped Up…

For weather or fashion!

As Fall starts to replace summer, a cool, brisk bite settles in the air and the perfect transitional garment is the scarf.  The scarf is a versatile work of art, having become so popular that it doesn’t even need to be cold outside to wrap, tie, or drape one on. 

Scarves don’t necessarily have to be made of scratchy wool and only serve to keep you warm.  Women’s fashion has made it easy to find almost any texture and color of to accent your best (or worst) wardrobe ensemble.  This useful item has been around for years, many decades even. In the beginning, scarves were made to keep clean and wipe away sweat.  Another interesting function, the subject of long standing tradition, is the use of the scarf to show military distinction.

Check out these beautiful JPG images and get wrapped up!  Then submit your own!

The Scarf by Stephanie Smith

Italian scarf by Lindsay Gregory

Scarf` fo` life by Roland Rafail

Green scarf by Xong Hang

Green Scarf by Taylor Jengo

Spinning with a Scarf by

Untitled by Nina Marie

Bailey by Corryn Goldschmidt

Untitled by Chris Aviles

Tunnel Vision by Olly Denton

Untitled by Katrina Robinson

The Boy With A Scarf by Bill Marshall

Can you just feel it in the air?  The chill?  The bite?  Go to your closet and grab a scarf… or heck, why not grab a couple!  This is the perfect time to shoot the scarf, while walking, talking, jumping, or even dancing; there are so many great uses and infinite possible shots that you can take while photographing a simple scarf.  When you’re done untangle yourself and upload and post your images then link them below in the comment area.  Also, please look through the many colors and textures of scarf images that we have on JPG, create a collection and post that link below!

Get All Wrapped Up!

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