Issue 10: Beauty Redefined

Includes Beauty Redefined, Entropy, and Breakthrough.
June—July 2007

We were faced with a tough decision for this issue: What photo do we choose for the cover, and what does it say about our conception of beauty? We decided to answer that question by doing something we've never done before: print two different covers. Our Beauty Redefined theme challenges you to reinvent your concept of beauty. Kimberly Millard of Suicide Girls gives us tips from both sides of the camera, Mark Velasquez shows us portraits of strong women, and Rogelio Pereda provides decontextualized portraits taken at the Mexico City Gay Pride Parade.

Check out the Entropy theme for photos of nature reclaiming its domain. Our Forgotten Places feature showcases the desolate expanses of ghost towns, junk yards, and even Chernobyl.

The Breakthrough theme includes images that capture the moment and spirit of revolution, and coincides with "Breakthrough: An Amateur Photo Revolution," an exhibit showing at the San Francisco Arts Commission gallery until June 16th, 2007.

A special thanks to Suicide Girls, HP, Lensbabies, Pixel Perfect, Photoworks San Francisco, Dyna-lite, Flickr, and Sony, for making this issue possible!

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