Issue 11: America

Includes America, Dreamscapes, and Are You Ready to Rock.
August—September 2007

Our America issue looks at the complexity and diversity of a nation that is so often overshadowed by its politics. James Rotz's photo essay "The Region" explores the displacement of life in suburbia, Chris Morris' photo essay "My America" gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the world inside the White House, "American Portraits" provides a sampling of America's diverse subcultures, and Justin Sailor's "Hometown Invasion Tour" provides glimpses into the individual states of the nation.

This issue also contains the theme Dreamscapes and Are You Ready to Rock. Dreamscapes asks "What do you see when you close your eyes?" and includes Tara Gorman's "Small Wonders," showing us incredible photos of miniatures in unexpected dream-like locations. Are You Ready to Rock runs the whole gamut from the heyday of stadium rock, to the long-term effects of rocking to the modern emergence of the middle-class musician.

A special thanks to MOG, Photoworks San Francisco, Flickr, Photo District News, Lensbabies, Dyna-lite, New York Institute of Photography, and Sony, for making this issue possible!

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