Issue 14: Fanatic

Includes Bird's-eye View, Emotion Capture, and Fanatic.
February—March 2008

You name it, somebody loves it! Our Fanatic issue shows you the enthusiastic individuals who take their hobbies to the next level. We've also got a photo essay by Robyn Cumming exploring the objects that become personal obsessions.

Bird's-Eye View, the theme for aerial photography, shows you the world from a new perspective. There's also an interview with NASA's Warren Harold on lunar photography and a great article by Alexander Heilner on man-made aerial landscapes.

Our Emotion Capture theme shows you those complex human feelings captured perfectly in a single frame. We also include portrait studies by six different photographers. Plus, pinhole photography, lith printing, and so much more!

A special thanks to Samsung, Hallmark Institute of Photography, SXSW Interactive, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Epson, Palm, and Sony, for making this issue possible!

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