Issue 18: On Stage

Includes Democracy, Geometry, and On Stage.
October—November 2008

Our On Stage Issue captures awe-inspiring performances of all kinds. From flappers to dog trainers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Tina Turner, we've got some serious performance photography. Sponsored by the New York Institute of Photography, these photos are bound to impress.

Also featured are the best photos from our Democracy themes, showcasing new democracies, examples of propaganda, and of course, shots of the two presidential candidates on the road.

We've got photos capturing geometric wonders in all shapes and sizes, the best of Carey Winfrey's portfolio (Hugh Hefner! Gloria Steinem!), and a look at dancing prisoners in the Philippines.

Plus, the Guess What photo challenge, a look at sugarcane workers in the Dominican Republic, and more!

A special thanks to mycanvas, Epson,, Borders, New York Institute of Photography, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, DigiCombos, Modern Postcard, and Samsung, for making this issue possible!

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