Issue 24: Economics

Includes Economics, Great Outdoors, and Strength in Numbers.
Fall 2010

We begin Issue 24 of JPG Magazine by showing the power and breathtaking beauty that is seen throughout the world, as our contributors take a step into the Great Outdoors. Next is a lesson about the many causes and effects of Economics as we examine it on a small and large scale. To see how the recession in America has impacted a community, be sure to check out Matt Granger's story that features small business owners in his hometown.
To show how people, animals, and even objects sometimes gain power as their numbers grow, our contributors documented the masses for the theme Strength in Numbers. Photographer Matt Goldsmith focuses on one particular protest group in Spain that makes its stance against bullfighting loud and clear.
Discover interesting food options in Beijing, how an ancient sport is kept alive in India, and much more in the pages of this issue of JPG Magazine!

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