Issue 26: Urban

Includes Urban, Juxtaposition, and Social Circles.
Spring 2011

Issue 26 of JPG begins with a journey through the crowds, concrete, and chaos that make up big cities worldwide. Our guest editor, David Potes, also shows you scenes from cities across America to further explore the complexity of Urban life.

Next, our contributors compare different surroundings of their world, creating contrasting images in the theme Juxtaposition. They then study the geometry of Social Circles in order to determine the reasons why and means in which humans interact with the company they keep. In addition, there's an amazing series of portraits featuring some of the night owls of Paris, France.

You'll also see in this issue a sheep invasion, life inside refugee camps in Algeria, a bizarre photo of a truck parked in a tree, and more! So be sure to check out this issue of JPG Magazine!

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