Issue 8: Embrace the Blur

Includes Embrace the Blur, Tourist, and Intimate.
February—March 2007

We photographers spend our lives avoiding blur. But blur can be used to show how life feels more than how it looks. Issue 8 covers blur from many angles: toy cameras, through the viewfinder, tilt/shift, night shooting, Holga modding, and inspirational photos that embrace the blur.

Also included is the Tourist theme and "Souvenirs," a photo essay by Michael Hughes that puts tchotchkes back in their scenic spots, and the Intimate theme, featuring two stunning photo essays: "Almost Naked" by Shen Wei and "People in Bed" by Randall Cosco. Both are brave new takes on private places.

Feeling crafty? This issue will also show you how to make adorable tin can frames. It also includes Aline Smithson's photo project, documenting her life from the ankles down. Issue 8 will inspire you to try new things and take more photos.

A special thanks to Panasonic, Flickr, Light Leaks, Photo District News, Jewelboxing, Lensbabies, Photojojo, Dyna-lite, and Lexar, for making this issue possible!

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