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Joseph has been in photography all his life. He was born (1950) with a large format camera in his hand. His innovative pre birth photography was the pre-cursor to the Cat Scan. Doctors after seeing these photos quickly questioned him. He waved them off as he was on another project as a war photographer during the Korean War. Due to his very small size he got many ground level pictures. In the 1960s while walking across America he was in ....Read the rest ---- Click the" Find me at: " link below

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How these photos were done.
Photo Essay

How these photos were done.

8 Oct 20092447 views

Some have asked how the light painting was done. Stef purchased some light sticks from a dollar store, the sticks were her idea. The camera...

Why won't my Camera believe me?
My Precious

Why won't my Camera believe me?

1 Jul 20092532 views

My precious Canon 5D MarkII.
This story starts in the past.
Well it is July 2006. My Olympus digital SLR is my precious. Forgot what...

Stef and Joes wedding
Feature Story

Stef and Joes wedding

19 Jun 20092528 views

Its June 17 5:00pm the day of the wedding. We rented a house on the lake for a week but we are staying for one...