Peter Fauland

has been a member since Apr 2008 and goes by pfauland.

I am a passionate landscape and people photographer, living and working in Berlin, Germany at the moment.

Large Format Digital Photography is my "personal" passion. Architecture Photography at its best ...

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10 years ago !
Photo Essay

10 years ago !

25 May 20101211 views

What photo project have you been working on ten years ago ?

Digital Large Format Photography
The Project

Digital Large Format Photography

26 Nov 20084275 views

You can buy a super expensive system - or - built a camera yourself ! Up to you ...

Why a well calibrated Monitor is the key ...
How To

Why a well calibrated Monitor is the key ...

22 Nov 20083263 views

A well calibrated display is the essential part of the image post-production workspace. How to get there in a few steps ?